Excess Body Weight Is Not Always Body Fat

Excess Body Weight Is Not Always Body Fat

Excess body weight is not always body fat, I have found that most people are carrying a lot of excess water. Have you tried all kind of diets but still unable to lose weight? Do you exercise and eat very little but still overweight and fat?

Lymphatic congestion is major contribution to your body weight and size not only does it affect the way you look but is also a health risk to you. Your body has the capacity to carry a lot of excess water it makes you look fat and dieting and exercise alone will not reduce or eliminate the excess water. The lymphatic system plays an important role in both removing wastes and toxins from the body.

At Chi of Life Retreat we believe in working from the inside out your weight is just a symptom of underlying issues. Through a live and dry blood analysis we can visually see cells carrying excess fluid, we look at the space between the cells where the extracellular fluid or plasma is. Most participants carry excess fluid and through our program can reduce a lot of their body weight in a short amount of time.

Take for example Jenny, at 23 she tried every diet, saw numerous Doctors, Personal Trainers and Nutritionists but couldn’t lose weight and was made to feel that she had failed because she didn’t follow their program or didn’t follow their weight loss diet or didn’t work out enough. One Doctor even advised her to have lap band surgery, her self-esteem suffered and she hated herself. When she arrived at Chi of Life I could see how puffed up she was with excess water and the live and dry blood analysis confirmed what I had suspected. During her stay we focused on moving her lymphatic system and she reduced 94cms from her body in just 20 days.

Some causes of lymphatic congestion are dehydration, poor digestion, lack of exercise, poor diet, stress, colon toxicity. Congestion of the lymph in the intestine causes poor absorption of nutrients as wastes build up. If the colon is congested with toxins, it will back up in the lymphatic system and travel throughout the body stressing the immune system.

Some common signs of lymphatic congestion are soreness or stiffness in morning, feeling tired, bloating, weight gain and extra belly fat, swollen glands, swollen fingers and ankles.

Here are some ways you can detox the lymphatic system and start losing weight.

  • Get on a mini trampoline for 10 minutes each day. Bouncing and pressing the balls of your feet down helps pump and decongest the lymphatic fluid in the entire body. It’s simple but a really effective way to support the lymphatic system.
  • Oxy chi machine.
  • Dry skin brushing.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Legs up the wall (yoga pose)
  • Infrared sauna
  • Deep breathing through the diaphragm creates pressure and expansion that helps pump the lymphatic fluid.
  • Breast stroke in the pool.
  • Sip hot water every 15mins throughout the day.
  • Eat red food, Berries, cherries, pomegranate, beets, and cranberries were all traditionally used as dyes and as natural lymph moving and detoxifying agents.

At our wonderful weight loss retreat on the sunshine coast we use live and dry blood analysis techniques to determine if you are susceptible to carrying excess fluids. Contact us today to book your retreat.

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