Healthy delicious meals cooked by industry leading chefs.

simple meal plan to lose weight

Chi Of Life believes healthy eating is the key to long term and sustainable weight loss.

At Chi Of Life you will receive a wide range of delicious meals which look and taste great!

Our meal plan is designed to help you with weight loss and you will get great tasting food for weight loss that you can replicate at home.

Our meals are prepared and cooked by industry leading chefs who have been trained to the highest standards. Every meal you enjoy can be easily planned and prepared in your own home after you leave us.

You will also benefit from the time we spend on healthy cooking tips and tricks in your nutrition seminars.

At Chi of Life Weight Loss Retreat, we don’t believe in quick fixes or fad diets, it all starts with healthy well balanced meals and a long-term balanced diet that you can stick to realistically.

You will be surprised just how much you love the food at Chi Of Life. Our meals taste amazing and are healthy versions of some of your favourite dishes.

We serve great tasting food and you will love it.

We are proud of our great tasting meal plan and believe that it is amongst the best of any weight loss and fitness retreat in Australia.

Chi of Life Weight Loss and Wellness program only uses the highest quality fresh food, sourced from local organic farmers, produce markets and fisheries.

Chi Of Life Retreats has brought a new approach to weight loss and wellness retreats by designing a weight loss and wellness program that empowers participants with knowledge about what healthy eating really means.

Whether you want to learn about food and good health because of weight issues, illness, low energy, slow metabolism or just for you and your family’s health; Chi’s weight loss and wellness program is for you.

You will be surprised just how much you love the food at Chi Of Life Retreats – our guests are amazed at how good it really is.

  • We serve healthy food that tastes great.
  • Enjoy a balanced nutritious meal plan
  • Meals you can easily recreate at home
  • Learn to put together your own meal plans so you can eat well when you get home
  • Delicious meals are prepared fresh each day by our expert chefs

Our aim is to introduce you to healthy well balanced nutritious meals that you can recreate at home. You will enjoy delicious gourmet meals incorporating a variety of meals such as a healthy Sunday roast, satay chicken skewers and many more delicious dishes. You will also have the opportunity to experience different ways to prepare meals and combine foods.

Special dietary requirements are catered for but it is important to notify us of this prior to your arrival, so that we can prepare for your arrival. We provide a set menu and cannot cater for individual preferences and different meal choices. Although we will try to accommodate with foods you don’t like and allergies will be catered for.

We will take you through step by step the process of creating healthy, simple but tasty dishes.