How to Book

Simply contact Gwen by email at [email protected] stating your preferred dates as well as your contact details and any questions you might have. Gwen will then reply to you with a response, she would like to speak to you, so please leave your best phone or mobile contact. Alternatively you can call Gwen’s mobile 0435 125 422. Please leave a voicemail if you reach message bank, Gwen will call you back.

Remember my retreat is different to other retreats that you may have visited before, your program is completely customised to you. To confirm a space you will be required to make a 25% deposit via credit card (no surcharge on deposit payments).

Once payment has been processed you will receive a confirmation receipt, please do not book your flights until you receive the confirmation of booking email from me.

You will then receive:

Guest application

  • (so that I can understand your objectives)
    Medical clearance document
  • Please return the documents to me prior to arriving. The balance of payment is to be made 14 days prior to your arrival.

Payments can be made to:

Bank : Suncorp
A/c Name: Chi of Life
A/c Nbr: 560895423
BSB: 484-799

Call Gwen today on 0435 125 422 and have a chat about how we can help you get started.


If We do not accept Your booking and/or Your reservation and/or Your application, then any deposit paid by You will be refunded, in full.

You may cancel Your participation in Your Wellness Program at any time and at Your discretion, for any reason.

Your cancellation must be made to us, in writing.

Our refund policy is applied universally, regardless of the nature of any cancellation by You, be it for personal, medical or any other reason.

If You cancel Your booking, for any reason, then the following refund policy will apply:

  1. if cancelled more than twelve (12) weeks prior to the Start Date, 100% of Your Booking Costs will be refunded to You, less a cancellation fee of $250;
  2. if cancelled between twelve (12) and six (6) weeks prior to the Start Date, 50% of Your Booking Costs will be refunded to You, less a cancellation fee of $250;
  3. if cancelled between six (6) and three (3) weeks prior to the Start Date, 25% of Your Booking Costs will be refunded to You, less a cancellation fee of $250; and
  4. If cancelled within three (3) weeks of Your Start Date, or thereafter, NO REFUND of Your Booking Costs will be made to You.


If, following Your cancellation, any arrears remain owing to Us, such monies will remain due and owing pursuant to these Terms and Conditions.

You should note that depending upon the time that You make your booking, You may not be eligible for any refund from Us.

Our refund policy is reasonable and necessary because Our wellness programs are small group bookings that have fixed costs to Us which do not reflect the number of individual participants.  Whilst all reasonable efforts will be made to replace You as a participant, it is not always possible to do so on short notice, nor possible to replace Your participation with a fully paying participant, due to the urgency of re-advertising.  Our refund policy reflects the commercial nature of Our wellness programs, which are run for the benefit of multiple individuals (in a shared environment) and not solely for Your benefit.

We may terminate Your participation in the Wellness Program with Us, at any time, if We consider that You are in breach of Your Obligations within these Terms and Conditions.

If we terminate Your participation, then the same refund policy will also apply to Your Booking Costs, as if You cancelled Your participation, yourself.

Despite any cancellation or termination, necessary Terms and Conditions will SURVIVE and remain in full force and effect, together with all other rights, obligations, warranties, covenants, acknowledgements, agreements, indemnities, remedies, relief and reliance clauses incidental to, or touching upon, such matters contained within this Service Agreement, to allow any necessary or desirable enforcement of such.