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Sue Pope
Yoga Instructor

About Sue Pope

200 RYT Yin Yoga Yinspiration 2013
200 RYT Hatha/Vinyasa In Touch Yoga Byron Bay 2016

Sue specialises in, and is passionate about Yin yoga and the benefits it brings.

Yin Yoga is suitable for all ages, all levels and all body types. It is a quiet & meditative practice. The postures are mainly seated or floor based and held for about 3 – 5 minutes. Here we relax the muscles so we can work into the deeper connective tissues and fascia of the body. As time passes these Yin tissues soften and hydrate allowing more freedom and flexibility. This is nourishing for the joints.

It is the perfect complement to yang forms of exercise such as running, biking, boxing and weight lifting.

As we still the body, become aware of our breath, the mind will calm creating a feeling of deep relaxation, bringing balance and harmony back into the body, mind and spirit.