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Weight Loss Success Stories

Read about our incredible “wellness warriors” and their weight loss success stories from staying at Chi of Life Weight Loss and Wellness Retreat.
Unlike traditional fat camps in Australia, Chi of Life focuses on learning about each individual on a personal level. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to weight loss. By creating a unique plan for each individual, we’re able to give them the best opportunity to achieve long-lasting weight loss success. The sudden weight loss results that come from fat camps aren’t usually sustainable or healthy. At Chi of Life weight loss, we aim to educate you on exercise and diet to ensure you’re able to apply this knowledge after your stay.
Losing weight is a long process for most people; particularly when it comes to reaching a weight, you’re happy with. This is why we educate you on how you can continue to maintain your weight loss results long after you’ve left us. Instead of going to a traditional fat camp in Queensland, visit Chi of Life on the Sunshine Coast for a holistic approach that will produce long-term weight loss success. Your stay with us will give you the motivation needed to begin your weight loss journey. The knowledge and advice provided will be incredibly valuable. We are the only “fat camp” that offers a complete program, taking into consideration there’s a lot more to weight loss than just exercise and diet. Being overweight or having excess tummy fat is usually a symptom of underlying health issues. Rather than treating the symptom, we’ll identify your particular problem and teach you how to fix the cause of your weight gain. During your stay, you’ll be provided with strategies and solutions designed to give you lifelong health benefits. Most fat camps in Australia base their success on how much weight you lose during your stay. This leaves little (or no) thought to the underlying causes of weight gain or your mental wellness. Therefore, any initial weight loss achieved is not sustainable and the weight gradually piles back on. At Chi of Life weight loss, we have leading international health and wellness experts to offer advice on wellness, exercise, and applying healthy eating habits to your daily life. We invite you to join us on a journey of wellness and weight loss success for a better quality of life.

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Lost 17 Kilos and 108 cms in 4 weeks

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Lost 10.6 Kilos and 70 cms in 3 weeks

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Lost 25 Kilos in 11 weeks

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Lost 11.5 Kilos in 8 weeks

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Lost 10.3 Kilos and 80cm in 3 weeks