Hi, my name is Dale. I have been home a week after completing 20 days at Chi of Life. It is hard where to start. The accomodation was in a beautiful area. Very peaceful and healing. I am 71 and have mobility issues walking with a cane. I was extremely unfit and overweight. I entered on a weight loss program, but after my lack of fitness, this was changed to the restore programme. My exercising was personified to my abilities and what I could cope with. I still lost 6.2 kgs. Very happy. At the end of the third week, my leg had straightened a bit and I was walking very well with good posture. Very important to me. To find out that I was a fast metaboliser and to learn the way to eat with the balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates was absolutely amazing to learn. Finally, someone who understood my cravings, who could give me the knowledge for a way forward to lose those and stop the secret eating.