About Gwen

You’re in experienced hands with Chi Of Life’s resident weightloss and wellness expert Gwen. Learn more about Gwen’s effective approach here.

Hi, welcome to Gwen’s Queensland live in residential style weight loss and wellness program the “Chi of Life”. Gwen is a woman with over 60 years of experience in life and over 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, she is also a Mother, dog owner, nature lover. Gwen deliver’s her program with love, passion, humour and a wealth of knowledge. Gwen’s spiritual core is teaching and empowering people how to improve their quality of life. Her real passion lies in understanding the relationship between food, lifestyle habits and how they affect people’s wellbeing and vitality. When you think about it, without your health and energy (the Chi), what else do you have to offer?

I have counselled many weight loss clients and helped them achieve amazing weight loss, through my personal training and weight loss centre, but to really make a difference people need to step away from their current environment, and allow themselves to just focus on the task at hand and learn to form new habits. By creating a live-in residential weight loss program I could really help people “get it” to learn how to shop, cook, prepare meals and train. To live-in with me and show people how to put it all together and spend time together training and eating right to fast track weight loss and tackle the big under lying issues around their weight.

In researching I found there was no weight loss retreat offering a complete holistic program that combined the physical, the mindful, and the education where each individual received a highly customised experience with a highly experienced professional trainer and wellness lifestyle coach with adequate personal attention. What the weight loss health retreat market is offering is a “one size fits all” program to large groups of people. Where their individual needs are not being catered for. For me, being part of my guests’ journeys and their amazing transformations inspires me.

Exercise should be fun it should leave you feeling good and create positive energy to propel you forward. I believe in exercising outside, it provides you with visual stimulation that helps time pass more quickly and it stimulates all the senses. In life we should not feel deprived or use negative motivation to achieve weight loss goals. I have always been intrigued by the connection of the mind, body and spirit. I believe in eating living foods and an alkaline body for optimal health. My knowledge comes from my own personal journey to find answers to chronic fatigue and my failing wellness due to an acidic body. I’m passionate about anti-aging, longevity and no matter what age we live to, live an independent and active life.

My commitment is to inspire every participant in my program to live a transformed life of superb health and wellbeing.

Gwen’s Qualifications

Certified fat loss and weight management coach trained with Dr Gary Eggar and Dietician Mat O’Neill’s Smart Shape Program. I continue to further my education to gain latest developments and research into this area. My interest in Metabolic Typing began with reading the book Metabolic Typing Diet. In 2006 I completed a course with Paul Chek a holistic practitioner of the Chek institute based in California to further my knowledge in the area of metabolic typing. I truly believe Metabolic Typing to be the biggest breakthrough in individualized health that I have seen in many years. I specialize in holistic programs for optimal health and wellbeing. I have worked for over 18 years to develop the Shape Up Eat Smart weight loss program and authored the fat loss book and cook book.

  • Weight management coach (Matt O’Neill SmartShape program)
  • Fat Loss certification (Dr Gary Edgar)
  • Certified Holistic lifestyle Coach (Paul Chek)
  • Live and Dry blood analyst (Maria Waldock Dip.App.Sc – Pathology)

Gwen’s Hobbies

Gwen’s hobbies include outrigging, tennis, cycling, hiking, swimming, and spending time with my partner and my cute little dog Lola.

Thanks for your time.


Gwen’s Words of Wisdom

If you’re serious about losing weight you need the services of an expert like Gwen here at Chi Of Life.

When your focus is on the fat loss, it’s better not to just focus on the scales to determine your weight loss success. As you start to workout you will increase your muscle mass and muscle is three times heavier than fat. You maybe heavier on the scales but you are losing centimetres of fat.

So, go by how your clothes fit and use a tape measure.

How you feel is important. Do you feel – thinner, firmer, less bloated, improved posture, improved self-esteem, how your clothes hang on your body, do you have more energy.

To focus on just the scale will just play with your emotions and it does not reflect how your body is changing.

Focus on each day and what you can control, e.g. better food choices, exercise, portion control.

Don’t wait for motivation, this is an emotion and it will come and go, focus on changing one habit at a time. Every day get up and move even when you don’t feel like it. Use the ten minute rule – if after 10 minutes you are not able to continue, stop and stretch. But usually the hardest part is getting started.

If you don’t like to run then walk, if you don’t like the gym then train outdoors.

Find something you like to do and have FUN! Dancing is exercise….whatever it is …just move!

– Gwen