Retreat to a World of Holistic Wellness

Retreat to a World of Holistic Wellness

At Chi of Life Weight Loss & Wellness Retreat we’re all about helping others achieve holistic wellness from our serene spot on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. We aim to give you all the tools you need to master your own health and, best of all, you get to detox near Queensland’s Coolum beach, with the fresh, salt air to soothe your cares away. Not only will we set up for future success, but you also get to enjoy a mini break from the everyday stresses that are probably the reason you are prioritising your health in the first place!

Our system of personalised analysis helps you learn about food portions, what works well for your body, how to deal with stress and create long term changes, while having fun along the way!

The first step is healing, with live and dry blood analysis by a qualified pathologist, in order to understand how to restore your body to its best version. This individual diagnosis sets the scene towards knowing which types of programs will help transform your life. 

Learn How to Eat for Your Wellbeing

Nutrition is key to leaning how to best manage weight loss and Chi of Life offers clients empowering programs, so you can take control of your health. You’ll be introduced to raw, living foods and experience different ways to prepare and combine foods, all while following your own metabolic nutritional plan. Plus, your body will get the break it needs, from gluten, sugar, caffeine, artificial colourings and preservatives. 

You may not realise how much what you’re putting into your body is impacting the way you feel. Taking a break from your regular routine is a good way to be mindful about what you consume and can help you relax knowing that you are fuelling your body for success.

Learn How to Move for Your Health – And Love It!

Exercise is meant to be fun and it’s certainly crucial to holistic health. The Chi of Life program shows you how to integrate movement that suits you, with morning walks on the beach, or in Noosa National Park, all with a range of activities from yoga, tennis, swimming, water aerobics, boxing, bike riding, Pilates, kayaking, stand up paddling and stretching. No matter what your fitness level, the team tailor a fitness plan to suit you and your weight-loss goals, so all you have to do is join in with the fun. 

But it was our range of pampering treatments that saw us recently featured in the Bupa Life Insurance article as one of the best ‘Relaxing Weekend Getaways in Australia‘. Spoil yourself with your choice of massage, energy healing, spiritual readings, beauty treatments, infrared sauna, yoga and meditation.

All in all, Chi of Life is a one-stop, luxury health retreat to help you kick your weight and fitness goals, towards overall mind, body and soul health. 


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